How to Lock Facebook Profile 2022


How to Lock Facebook Profile 2022

Assalam o alekum guys, my name is Zubair You look, Zubair. Technical friends of Zubair, today I’m going to tell you how you can profile people on Facebook. Friends tell me a very simple way. You must write this article completely and follow all of our steps.

Facebook Profile Lockout Account

friends First of all let me tell you what is going on with the Facebook profile and how people are doing it, friends, if you lock your Facebook profile then your friend will get all the pictures and he will like to comment on you. Can. On Facebook and if you lock the username on Facebook, then your friend who is not your friend will come to your profile, he can then see your Facebook profile.

Facebook Profile Lockout ID

others can see your Facebook cover photo and can’t see any of your posts or posts. It is therefore beneficial to apply the friends profile which locks your outside person who is not your friend. He cannot send you a message or any picture of you. I can see you guys, I’ll tell you how you got your facebook profile people

Facebook Accounts and Profile Lockout Method

friends First of all, you haven’t created a Facebook ID. If you already have a login you can also create a profile account for Facebook, then you need to do that first, go to settings and see it there, you won’t have your phone profile option, so if you have If this happens then you did and people are not working on your profile then you have to use plain language and I give you a screenshot under such a post.

Facebook profiles looked at girls and boys

You must select this language. After that you will chat twice and then you will have the option to profile people. You need to click on it and lock your Facebook profile.

So let’s start folks. We belong to our thing. How can we create our Facebook profile, then first of all you need to login your Facebook light account in Facebook and I give you a screenshot here. You must select this language. After selecting the language, you just go to your settings and look there

You will have the option to lock your Facebook account now. You need to click on it and block your Facebook account. The profile must be saved. After that, you have to waste your Facebook profile to see if people have become or not

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