How to download facebook video and photos

Facebook Video Photo Downloading
App [2020]

What are Facebook Video Photo Download App? Today we are going to talk. How to Download Video from Facebook? How to download photo from FB? Will tell about it What are those applications? In which you can save Image or Video. Many people are engaged in searching this app. But some apps do not work well.

 What are the Best FB Video Photo Download App. The following information has been given about it. At the same time, it has also been told how to download a photo or video from the app. Whether you have Android or Smartphone. Can do in any device. Let’s start with-

What are Facebook Video Photo Download App?

 Now it comes, what are the Facebook Video Photo Download Apps. In which all types of videos can be saved in the phone. Apart from Facebook, videos of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube can also be downloaded. You just need to understand something, how to download.

 (1) Vidmate App
(2) Videoder App
 (3) SnapTube App
(4) Savefrom Website & App

 Videoder (Video Downloading Apps)

 Videoder App is great for downloading any photo video of Facebook from your mobile. With this app you will be able to download any Facebook video to your phone very easily.

And not only this, the video that is downloaded is saved directly in the gallery of the phone. Later you can also send it to someone. Or you can also edit. To install this great app, you can also download it from below

Vidmate App (Video download Apps)

You can download any video from Vidmate App. Be it any video of Facebook or any other social media. Any video can be easily downloaded from this app.


To download videos from Facebook, you can download the video by copying it and paste it in Vidmate App. And it is very easy. Many people have also downloaded it. You will not find this app on the Play Store. So download this app from the Download button given below.

How to do Facebook Video Photo Download?

 We mentioned above that Facebook Video, Photo Downloading Apps. Whose details were told about it. Now it comes, how to use them? Let us know about this in some details.

 Suppose you want to download Facebook videos from Vidmate App. So we have installed Vidmate App. Now it comes, how to download?

 First of all install Vidmate App on your phone.

 How to Install and Install Apps?

 Now, copy the link of the video you like in the Facebook app. As mentioned below-

(1)   hen open Vidmate App. Then paste the link there. (Which you copied Link)

(2) Then open Vidmate App. Then paste the link there. (Which you copied Link)

(3) Search in the last.  There will be a download button in front of the video.  Click on it.

Downloading done with Facebook Video Photo Download App.  In this way, you can download any video by installing the app in your Android Mobile Phone.  I hope you liked the information about Facebook Video Photo Downloading App.  Like it, share it on social media.  Thank you.

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